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ID Genome Name Size
PROKKA_01525 Marinomonas yvoA_1 HTH-type transcriptional repressor YvoA
PROKKA_03315 Marinomonas yvoA_2 HTH-type transcriptional repressor YvoA
PROKKA_01213 Marinomonas ywiE putative cardiolipin synthase YwiE
PROKKA_00513 Marinomonas ywlF Putative sugar phosphate isomerase YwlF
PROKKA_02163 Marinomonas ywnA Putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YwnA
PROKKA_00384 Marinomonas ywnH_1 Putative phosphinothricin acetyltransferase YwnH
PROKKA_03541 Marinomonas ywnH_2 Putative phosphinothricin acetyltransferase YwnH
PROKKA_01636 Marinomonas ywpJ Putative phosphatase YwpJ
PROKKA_02248 Marinomonas ywrD Putative gamma-glutamyltransferase YwrD
PROKKA_03627 Marinomonas yxeN_1 putative amino-acid permease protein YxeN
PROKKA_04049 Marinomonas yxeN_2 putative amino-acid permease protein YxeN
PROKKA_02701 Marinomonas yxeP_1 putative hydrolase YxeP
PROKKA_02855 Marinomonas yxeP_2 putative hydrolase YxeP
PROKKA_00792 Marinomonas yybR_1 putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YybR
PROKKA_01026 Marinomonas yybR_2 putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YybR
PROKKA_01039 Marinomonas yycG Sensor histidine kinase YycG
PROKKA_01728 Marinomonas yycN_1 putative N-acetyltransferase YycN
PROKKA_01732 Marinomonas yycN_2 putative N-acetyltransferase YycN
PROKKA_03046 Marinomonas zapA Cell division protein ZapA
PROKKA_03586 Marinomonas zapB Cell division protein ZapB
PROKKA_04170 Marinomonas zipA Cell division protein ZipA
PROKKA_01484 Marinomonas zntA Lead%2C cadmium%2C zinc and mercury-transporting ATPase
PROKKA_03755 Marinomonas zntB Zinc transport protein ZntB
PROKKA_02143 Marinomonas zntR_1 HTH-type transcriptional regulator ZntR
PROKKA_03827 Marinomonas zntR_2 HTH-type transcriptional regulator ZntR
PROKKA_03038 Marinomonas znuA High-affinity zinc uptake system protein ZnuA precursor
PROKKA_00728 Marinomonas znuB High-affinity zinc uptake system membrane protein ZnuB
PROKKA_00729 Marinomonas znuC Zinc import ATP-binding protein ZnuC
PROKKA_01099 Marinomonas zraR_1 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_01360 Marinomonas zraR_2 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_02285 Marinomonas zraR_3 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_02686 Marinomonas zraR_4 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_03604 Marinomonas zraR_5 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_04126 Marinomonas zraR_6 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_00764 Marinomonas zraS_1 Sensor protein ZraS
PROKKA_01100 Marinomonas zraS_2 Sensor protein ZraS
PROKKA_04205 Marinomonas zraS_3 Sensor protein ZraS
PROKKA_01730 Marinomonas zupT Zinc transporter ZupT
PROKKA_00730 Marinomonas zur Zinc uptake regulation protein
PROKKA_02511 Marinomonas zwf Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase

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