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ID Genome Name Size
PROKKA_02015 Brevundimonas ykoV putative DNA repair protein YkoV
PROKKA_02251 Brevundimonas ykuD_1 Putative L%2CD-transpeptidase YkuD
PROKKA_02821 Brevundimonas ykuD_2 Putative L%2CD-transpeptidase YkuD
PROKKA_00245 Brevundimonas ykuV Thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase YkuV
PROKKA_00709 Brevundimonas yliI Soluble aldose sugar dehydrogenase YliI precursor
PROKKA_01519 Brevundimonas yngG Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA lyase YngG
PROKKA_02025 Brevundimonas yocH Cell wall-binding protein YocH precursor
PROKKA_02020 Brevundimonas yodB HTH-type transcriptional regulator YodB
PROKKA_02541 Brevundimonas yoeB Toxin YoeB
PROKKA_02974 Brevundimonas yohC Inner membrane protein YohC
PROKKA_00793 Brevundimonas yqaB Fructose-1-phosphate phosphatase YqaB
PROKKA_02739 Brevundimonas yqfL Putative pyruvate%2C phosphate dikinase regulatory protein
PROKKA_02749 Brevundimonas yqjH NADPH-dependent ferric-chelate reductase
PROKKA_02750 Brevundimonas yqjI Transcriptional regulator YqjI
PROKKA_03119 Brevundimonas yraA Putative cysteine protease YraA
PROKKA_00009 Brevundimonas yrrK Putative Holliday junction resolvase
PROKKA_01795 Brevundimonas ysdC Putative aminopeptidase YsdC
PROKKA_01125 Brevundimonas ytcD putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YtcD
PROKKA_03326 Brevundimonas ytnP putative quorum-quenching lactonase YtnP
PROKKA_02305 Brevundimonas yusV putative siderophore transport system ATP-binding protein YusV
PROKKA_02356 Brevundimonas yvoA HTH-type transcriptional repressor YvoA
PROKKA_01383 Brevundimonas ywaD_1 Aminopeptidase YwaD precursor
PROKKA_03064 Brevundimonas ywaD_2 Aminopeptidase YwaD precursor
PROKKA_00164 Brevundimonas ywlC Threonylcarbamoyl-AMP synthase
PROKKA_03142 Brevundimonas ywnA Putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YwnA
PROKKA_01027 Brevundimonas ywrD Putative gamma-glutamyltransferase YwrD
PROKKA_00591 Brevundimonas yxeP putative hydrolase YxeP
PROKKA_01078 Brevundimonas yxlF putative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein YxlF
PROKKA_02648 Brevundimonas yycB putative transporter YycB
PROKKA_02720 Brevundimonas yycF Transcriptional regulatory protein YycF
PROKKA_00367 Brevundimonas yycG_1 Sensor histidine kinase YycG
PROKKA_00625 Brevundimonas yycG_2 Sensor histidine kinase YycG
PROKKA_00858 Brevundimonas zntA Lead%2C cadmium%2C zinc and mercury-transporting ATPase
PROKKA_00874 Brevundimonas zntR HTH-type transcriptional regulator ZntR
PROKKA_01037 Brevundimonas zraR_1 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_01725 Brevundimonas zraR_2 Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraR
PROKKA_03100 Brevundimonas zupT Zinc transporter ZupT
PROKKA_00859 Brevundimonas zur_1 Zinc uptake regulation protein
PROKKA_01481 Brevundimonas zur_2 Zinc uptake regulation protein
PROKKA_01986 Brevundimonas zwf Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase

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